Yoga during pregnancy: what should be considered?

e you pregnant and wondering whether you can still do your beloved yoga training? Maybe you are a newbie, but are you now interested in yoga as a pregnant woman? Then you have come to the right place, because we will show you the special features of yoga during your pregnancy.

In this article you will learn:

  • Whether you can still do yoga during pregnancy
  • Whether yoga has benefits during pregnancy
  • Whether there are special yoga classes for pregnant women
  • Whether you have to consider something when booking courses
  • Whether yoga can help you prepare for childbirth
  • Whether you can do yoga as a newbie
  • Whether there are exercises that you should rather avoid
  • Whether you should adapt the exercises to the course of pregnancy

I’m pregnant – can I still do yoga now?

There is hardly a time as turbulent as pregnancy . Happiness and tears change every minute, the nerves are tense and every day the parents-to-be try to find their way around in this exceptional situation. Everything that can reduce stress and make you feel happy comes in handy.

Many are now trying to find inner peace and focus on mindfulness. For this they use meditation or a mix of relaxation and movement . Because even the beloved sport can provide a lot of calming. Many therefore do not want to forego sport during pregnancy or would like to use the time to start a sport. There is nothing wrong with doing this, however, there are some sports that are more suitable for pregnant women than others. These harmless sports include hiking, gymnastics, Pilates and yoga .

In addition, the training units and intervals should be adapted to your own needs . Sometimes individual factors decide which sport and in which intensity are good for you. It is therefore advisable to get the green light in your own gynecological practice before your first exercise session – even if you did some exercise before you became pregnant.

Some sports are specially designed for pregnant women . Many pregnant women are familiar with yoga. This particular yoga is allowed during pregnancy. The name from Sanskrit can best be translated as union or integration. Originally from India, it is a philosophical teaching that includes both mental and physical exercises . Various studies show that regular yoga can help reduce stress and lead to more relaxation – exactly what many want in their own pregnancy.

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If you would like to take a corresponding course, you can contact renowned studios in the area. Many providers already write on their website whether and when they offer these special yoga courses. In addition, midwives and gynecological practices often help to find a suitable course.

If you already have experience in yoga, you can also book an online course.

Another option is to book an online course or download an app onto your smartphone. However, this is more suitable if you already have experience in yoga and want to continue practicing independently. Because for beginners it is often difficult without direct guidance to learn a sport without health risks. It is therefore particularly important to ensure that the course is expressly suitable for pregnant women and that it has been medically tested .

What is different about yoga during pregnancy?

In yoga for pregnant women, adapted exercises are taught and trained. This pregnancy yoga is very different from yoga for non-pregnant women. It doesn’t matter whether you already have experience or are a complete newbie , because yoga as a pregnant woman gives you a completely different insight . After all, this is a nice way for you to relieve stress. It’s good if you can find a suitable course. But maybe you are curious beforehand how this yoga for pregnant women actually differs from your usual course.

If you are pregnant you can attend prenatal yoga . The Latin word prenatal means prenatal . In itself, you can train depending on your physical needs and condition, as long as you feel good about it. Some pregnant women start very early, almost as soon as you find out about the pregnancy, and train until the last few weeks. As already mentioned: Please be sure to plan your sporting activity in close consultation with your gynecological practice , because the training is only beneficial for you if it is OK.

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How long you can actually train also depends on the course offerings and on your course leader, who puts together the exercises for the respective period. It is therefore best to talk to the course management about when and for how long they would recommend the course, and follow this recommendation.

Many courses align the content of prenatal yoga with the trimesters of pregnancy . Depending on the progress of the pregnancy, the exercises are adapted to the physical changes and needs of the participants. For example, the basics are practiced in the first three months so that you develop an understanding of yoga and the training becomes a habit. In the following months, this is built upon and of course the current development of the participants is always taken into account. In addition, typical complaints such as lower back and neck pain are included . For this purpose, extra preventative exercises are planned.

This yoga can be used as a preparation for childbirth . After all, with the training you will strengthen your muscles, your mind and learn, for example, how to consciously tense and relax muscle groups. Breathing exercises also play a major role. Some exercises are also good for your pelvic floor and the extension of your spine – both of which are very stressful during pregnancy. This complete package can make the birth easier for you and help you to endure the pain better .

You can strengthen your muscles and your mind by practicing yoga during pregnancy.

It all sounds so wonderful that you shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that there may still be some restrictions for you as a pregnant woman. During these weeks and months, from a medical point of view, strenuous types of yoga, such as power yoga or Bikram yoga, are clearly discouraged. You should also not do hot yoga, which is trained at room temperatures of 30 to 45 ° C, now. You should take it slow to gently counteract the stress the body is exposed to during and after pregnancy.

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There are also a few other things that you should avoid doing yoga during pregnancy:

  • Sweaty types of yoga
  • Poses that put pressure on your stomach
  • Prone poses
  • Poses upside down
  • Poses with the risk of falling
  • Exercises with heavy use of the abdominal muscles
  • Avoid lying on your back if it no longer feels good to you, for example if you feel dizzy or nauseous
  • Avoid long pauses in breathing
Avoid back exercises if you feel dizzy or nauseous.


In general: listen to yourself and your body and do not expect too much. You likely have other ailments and challenges during pregnancy. Finally, yoga is supposed to help you relax. If that doesn’t work and it just stresses you out, it might be better to put off training or try something else.

Yoga during pregnancy: what should be considered?

As you have now learned, prenatal yoga can have positive effects on your well-being during pregnancy. It is important to get the go from your attending physician before starting any sporting activity . Because only if there is no reason against yoga from a medical point of view, you can enjoy the course completely without worries.

You should also make sure that you really attend a course that is intended and made for pregnant women . Pregnancy yoga differs from yoga for non-pregnant women in some essential points. This not only affects the content, but also the process and the intensity. Because the courses also take into account the individual trimesters of pregnancy and give special recommendations and restrictions.

If you are now enthusiastic about yoga, we have many more articles in our section Yoga – For your soul and your body , which you can read. Let yourself be inspired for the time after your pregnancy and look forward to what you can achieve for your health with yog

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