Yoga Flow: Beginner Exercises for Healthy Digestion

Stressful phases can not only be extremely exhausting, they can also quickly affect digestion and the mind. With this yoga flow you fight both. For a healthier and more relaxed everyday life.

This article offers you:

  • Fun yoga exercises to stimulate digestion
  • Relaxing techniques to reduce stress
  • Easy to understand instructions for the exercises

Everyday life is often hectic – work, daily errands and other tasks  require energy .

If this affects digestion or the mind, you can kill two birds with one stone with this yoga flow: The sequence of exercises takes the stress off and stimulates digestion . Try it.

The cobra

Lie flat on your stomach, then place your palms next to your shoulders and your legs stretched out next to each other. With the next exhalation, pull in the navel towards the spine and with the next inhalation gently lift your head.

Caution : Do not put your head back, but hold it in line with your spine. The lower abdominal organs are stimulated and the intestines stimulated , even if there is only minimal movement . 

The swivel seat

Now come into the seat. Bend your right leg so that the right leg is in front of the left buttock. Swing your left leg over your right and put your foot up. Then  grasp the leg with your right hand . You place your left arm directly behind your back. You look back over your left shoulder.

With each exhalation, pull the raised leg closer to your body to minimize the space in between as much as possible. Here the abdominal organs are stretched and massaged . After a few deep breaths, repeat the exercise with the other side.

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The child

Now sit on your heels so that your big toes are touching . Now lay your upper body forward, your stomach lies on your thighs, your forehead touches the floor. Let the shoulder blades fall apart, place your hands loosely on the floor and relax in this position for at least 30 seconds .

The spine is stretched, the stress of everyday life is forgotten and the lower abdomen is loosened .

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